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Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies

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Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies Empty Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies

Post  Max Peck on Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:09 pm

I'm starting this thread because I came across something rather unusual in an Apollo 16 video that I would like to share with you guys. Because the Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" is such a controversial item though, I decided to go with a more general title for the topic so that the thread can be expanded with other possible evidence and discussions in the future. Please feel free to share any thoughts, comments or suspicions you may have relating to this scene from the Apollo 16 mission. I will post my findings below but first here's a brief overview of the available photographs and television footage related to this event.

The scene commonly referred to as the Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" took place during the early stages of the first EVA: shortly after deploying the flag, astronauts Charlie Duke and John Young took turns saluting the flag and photographing each other with one of the Hasselblad cameras. Young added a twist to this standard Apollo practice by jumping up in the "air" when his picture was taken, and saluting at the peak of his jump. The first of these "Jump Salute" portraits is shown below.
120:25:42. John Young jumps off the ground and salutes for this superb tourist picture. He is off the ground about 1.45 seconds which, in the lunar gravity field, means that he launched himself at a velocity of about 1.17 m/s and reached a maximum height of 0.42 m. Although the suit and backpack weigh as much as he does, his total weight is only about 65 pounds (30 kg) and, to get this height, he only had to bend his knees slightly and then push up with his legs. In the background, we can see the UV astronomy camera, the flag, the LM, the Rover with the TV camera watching John, and Stone Mountain.

See also:
- John Young's second "Jump Salute" portrait -
- Charlie Duke saluting the flag #1 -
- Charlie Duke saluting the flag #2 -
- Charlie Duke saluting the flag #3 -

The scene of Duke and Young photographing each other was also filmed with the GCTA-TV camera mounted on the lunar rover (visible in the image above). That television footage shows John Young performing his "Jump Salute", and numerous video clips of this fragment can be found on the internet. Below is a random example from youtube, along with some direct video links.

"John Young - jump salute - taken off video tape"
Link -
See also:
- Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Journal, ALSEP Off-load -
- ALSJ video link (long version) -
- ALSJ video link (jump salute only) -

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Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies Empty Re: Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies

Post  Max Peck on Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:19 pm

Puzzling glitches in NASA documentary film
The television footage of John Young's "Jump Salute" is included in many NASA documentary films covering the Apollo 16 mission. One such documentary dates back to 1972 and is titled "Nothing so Hidden...". For those interested, a HD-version of that film is posted on the forum here, but many other on-line copies of this documentary are available as well and there is one version in particular that caught my attention. The video I am referring to was uploaded to a youtube channel called "NASAFlix", and for the record I should point out that this NOT an official NASA channel. It's a spin-off that is connected to "UFOTV", and the channel is primarily used to present DVD-preview videos.

Published on Aug 31, 2012
Apollo 16 was NASA's 5th Mission to send a team of Astronauts to Explore the lunar surface. Take a ride on the wild side with the Astronauts as they take the Lunar Rover out for a spin - off-roading to explore the Moons surface.

Video credit - NASAFlix/UFOTV
Link -
NASAFlix Channel -
UFOTV Website -

Take your time to watch any portion of this NASAFlix movie and you will notice (if you look closely) that the video has "glitches" in it. There are brief moments where noise and streaks can be seen in the picture. There are some "partial frames" and also some instances where the screen goes completely dark for a split-second. Please take some time to check out the video and "catch" some of these glitches I am talking about here. I can only describe them as "puzzling", and here is why: the glitches occur at random and throughout the entire video. They also occur "across the board", i.e. they are not limited to the Apollo TV and lunar surface footage, but they also show up in other parts of the documentary, including scenes that were filmed on Earth. Conclusion: we are dealing with a low quality video copy that suffers from random video noise, and there is nothing anomalous about that so.... time to move on, right ? Well, that's what you would think, but a closer look reveals that these glitches are "special" in some way, and they may turn out to be of some interest after all.

 Arrow NOTE to forum members: I'm working on part three with some frame capture examples and thoughts on that. Meanwhile, all the information you need to find out what I did is here, so if anyone wants to jump in with some observations, you're welcome. Just saying  Wink


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Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies Empty Re: Apollo 16 "Jump Salute" Anomalies

Post  easynow on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:24 pm

Very interesting Max, thanks for sharing and bringing this to everyones attention.

I'm looking forward to part3 and please show us more.  interest

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