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Video: UFO Case Review - Belgian UFO Wave, 1989 - 1991

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Video: UFO Case Review - Belgian UFO Wave, 1989 - 1991

Post  easynow on Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:15 am

Happy Thanksgiving! to Everyone!

Here's a new video with an interesting case-review of the Belgian UFO sightings ...

Link -

Relevant case videos -

Cheers  alien

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Re: Video: UFO Case Review - Belgian UFO Wave, 1989 - 1991

Post  karl 12 on Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:42 pm

Hi mate and a very happy new year to you - that looks to be a very interesting vid!  Smile

Unfortunately I haven't got sound at the mo so can't watch it properly but below is another very old documentary about the sightings which keeps getting taken down from the web (think this is the last link left).


Even if you just take the police reports I think it's pretty apparent something extremely strange went on in Belgium 89-91 and know you may have seen them already but below are some relevant statements from the officials involved.

"Scientifically we eliminate the simple hypotheses:  It's not a plane.  It's not a helicopter.  It's not a natural phenomenon because the descriptions don't match. Therefore this global phenomenon resists any other explanation.  The only remaining hypothesis is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin."

L. Clerebaut, Secretary General, SOBEPS - Organisation which assisted the Belgium Goverment in the study of UFO sightings

"On November 29, 1989, a large craft with triangular shape flew over the town of Eupen. The gendarmes von Montigny and Nicol found it near the road linking Aix-la-Chapelle and Eupen. It was stationary in the air, above a field which it illuminated with three powerful beams. The beams emanated from large circular surfaces near the triangle's corners. In the center of the dark and flat understructure there was some kind of 'red gyrating beacon.' The object did not make any noise. When it began to move, the gendarmes headed towards a small road in the area over which they expected the object to fly. Instead, it made a half-turn and continued slowly in the direction of Eupen, following the road at low altitude. It was seen by different witnesses as it flew above houses and near City Hall".

Auguste Meessen, professor of physics at the Catholic University in Louvain

"The aircraft had brief radar contacts on several occasions, [but the pilots]... at no time established visual contact with the UFOs... each time the pilots were able to secure a lock on one of the targets for a few seconds, there resulted a drastic change in the behavior of the detected targets... [During the first lock-on at 0:13 hrs.] their speed changed in a minimum of time from 150 to 970 knots [170 to 1,100 mph and 275 to 1,800 km./hr.] and from 9,000 to 5,000 feet [2,700 m. to 1,500 m.], returning then to 11,000 feet [3,300 m.] in order to change again to close to ground level."

Major P. Lambrechts of the Belgian Air Force General Staff[/b]

"What impressed me the most were the witnesses, some of whom I know personally and convinced me that, in fact, something was going on. These were credible people and they told clearly what they saw.

"We always look for possibilities which can cause errors in the radar systems. We can not exclude that there was electromagnetic interference, but of course we can not exclude the possibility that there were objects in the air. On at least one occasion there was a correlation between the radar contacts of one ground radar and one F-16 fighter. This weakens the theory that all radar contacts were caused by electromagnetic interference. If we add all the possibilities, the question is still open, so there is no final answer."

Chief of Operations of the Royal Belgian Air Force, Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer (now Major General and Deputy Chief of the Belgian Air Force)

"Unfortunately, no explanation has been found to date. The nature and origin of the phenomenon remain unknown. One theory can, however, be definitely dismissed since the Belgian Armed Forces have been positively assured by American authorities that there has never been any sort of American aerial test flight."

Belgium Minister of Defense - Leo Delcroix


karl 12

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Re: Video: UFO Case Review - Belgian UFO Wave, 1989 - 1991

Post  easynow on Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:30 pm

Hey karl, same to you and thanks for posting.

Yea I agree that is an interesting old documentary.

Don't know of any other links for it and it appears the title is just "UFO" ?

Searching for a specific video only titled "UFO" might prove to be difficult. lol  

Will keep an eye out for it and let you know if it's ever found.

Agreed ... there was something strange seen over Belgium and thanks for the quotes.

I've always wanted to see a better copy of the Marcell Alfarano footage ...

Link -

Best it gets on youtube ?

Cheers alien

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