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Project Hessdalen (Hessdalen Lights) Norway

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Project Hessdalen (Hessdalen Lights) Norway Empty Project Hessdalen (Hessdalen Lights) Norway

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:25 am

Project Hessdalen

Hessdalen is a small valley in the central part of Norway. At the end of 1981 through 1984, residents of the Valley became concerned and alarmed about strange, unexplained lights that appeared at many locations throughout the Valley. Hundreds of lights were observed. At the peak of activity there were about 20 reports a week.

Project Hessdalen was established in the summer of 1983. A field investigation was carried out between 21.January and 26.February 1984. Fifty-three light observations were made during the field investigation. You may read the details in the technical report. There was an additional field investigation in the winter of 1985. However, no phenomena were seen during the period when the instruments were present.

Lights are still being observed in the Hessdalen Valley, but their frequency has decreased to about 20 observations a year. An automatic measurement station was put up in Hessdalen in August 1998.

Link -

Project Hessdalen (Hessdalen Lights) Norway Lights10

Hessdalen - Pictures of the phenomena
Link -

Hessdalen - Short films
Link -

History and description

Unusual lights have been reported here since 1940ies or earlier. Especially high activity of Hessdalen lights took place in December 1981 - summer 1984 when lights were observed 15 - 20 times per week, gathering numerous tourists staying here overnight to see the phenomenon. Since then the activity has decreased and now the lights are observed some 10 - 20 times per year.

Hessdalen light most often is a bright, whie or yellow light of unknown origin standing or floating above the ground level. Sometimes the light can be seen for more than one hour. There are several more types of unexplained lights observed in Hessdalen valley.

Link -

Location Map - Hessdalen, Norway
Project Hessdalen (Hessdalen Lights) Norway Norway10
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Professor J. Allen Hynek in Hessdalen

During the second fieldwork of Project Hessdalen, professor J.Allen Hynek did visit the Project Hessdalen headquarter. During that visit, Hynek was interviewed several times. You will find some quick-time movies of a interview made in Hessdalen January 27. 1985.

Link -

The Portal - The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon - FULL Video

Link -

From the measurement station December 4, 1999


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