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MUFON Star Team Experiences Close Encounter of The Third Kind During Investigation

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MUFON Star Team Experiences Close Encounter of The Third Kind During Investigation

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:18 pm

Max, {our Chief Investigator} was getting updates and was very concerned with my planned trip alone to a very rural area, assigned a Secondary Investigator to ride with me. He assigned Alyson Burgess.

My witness was getting increasingly anxious and he stated that he and his cousin were out there every night looking for them and now chasing them. I talked him into trying to take pictures of what he was seeing and not to be too aggressive in his actions. At this point, I am more worried about him on these country roads late at night chasing things we know nothing about.

On May 4th, he details a new object in the sky. He reported seeing one of “those lights” coming closer and as it did, he saw 2 more right behind it. When asked for more detail, he remained quiet for a moment and asked if I could just get out there.

Two days later at approximately 4 pm, he called very excited and said that there are now a couple of Helicopters around the area and he, in all his years in this town, has never seen helicopters fly at all over his property, let alone in his fields like, “they were looking for something.” Then he proceeded in stating that the night before the “three lights came back”, flew over his house, just like the other night: "you know, the triangle!" he said.

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