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The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

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The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:11 am

Apollo 10's amazing encounter with a VERY bizarre anomaly while behind the far side of the Moon. This segment will give you an up-close look at an astounding audio transcript from the Apollo 10 mission that has never before been publicly analyzed - and that NASA and the Apollo 10 astronauts to this day still refuse to talk about.
You will follow Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young as they become only the second crew in history to journey behind the lunar far side. During this period of "LOS" (Loss Of Signal), the astronauts encounter something truly incredible - they discover MUSIC behind the Moon!

Throughout the Apollo program, the CSM and LM spacecraft carried what were known as DSE and DSEA "black box" flight data recorders. These instruments recorded the internal LM and CSM crew conversations while the astronauts were around the lunar far side and out of radio contact with Earth. Although NASA has never made the actual DSE/DSEA audio recordings public, transcripts of these far side conversations are available in the NASA archives, and as you will see, they offer up some truly AMAZING surprises!

Here is a link to the Apollo 10 DSEA voice transcript (in PDF format) for those who are interested.

Stay tuned for Jose Escamilla's new motion picture documentary "MOON RISING", where we will go into much further depth about what is, without exaggeration, the most monumental coverup in human history.

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Re: The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

Post  easynow on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:42 am

More info on this subject ...

Did Apollo 10 astronauts hear alien music coming from outer space when they orbited the moon in 1969?

Despite what you may have heard on social media this week, or from the trailer for a certain TV show, the answer is no. It's true that the Apollo 10 astronauts heard strange whistling sounds that, at the time, they described as "outer-space-type music." But there's a very simple, nonalien explanation for what the crewmembers were hearing, and it's been public knowledge since the 1970s.

In the audio recordings from the Apollo 10 mission (which you can hear in this video from, astronaut Gene Cernan(who was piloting the lunar module) asks John Young (who was piloting the command module) if he hears "that whistling sound?" It is Cernan who calls it "music" and says it "even sounds outer-spacey." Later, the two men ask Tom Stafford (who is in the lunar module with Cernan) if he hears it, too. They agree that it's "really weird," and Young says, "We're going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us."

Apollo 10 Audio Archives:

Reviewer: Margot.Yale - - February 22, 2016
Subject: "Space Music" Audio
If you're looking for the "space music" audio, you want file 10-030702_5-OF-6, at about 44 minutes into that audio file is where it begins.

You can find a much cleaner version of the audio on NASA's Apollo 10 Flight Journal at The specific audio file from that site is at about 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the clip. You can possibly hear a little of the "space music" possibly coming out of one of the astronaut's headsets and being picked up by their mic.

Link -

VHF radio feedback interference? ... or something else ?

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