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Apollo 12 - Mission Insignia comparison - sanitized vs. unsantized

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Apollo 12 - Mission Insignia comparison - sanitized vs. unsantized

Post  Admin on Sun May 22, 2011 4:04 pm

Apollo 12 - Mission Insignia comparison (sanitized vs. unsanitized)

LunaCognita wrote:Here is a brief video presentation I put together to give a closer look at two different versions of the Apollo 12 mission insignia. This one is rather self-explanatory I think.

This first example (below) is the standard "sanitized" version of the Apollo 12 insignia that the public was typically shown.

And here is another example of the Apollo 12 mission insignia - this particular version was mounted to the inside rear door of the Apollo 12 Crew Transfer Van the astronauts would ride in that took them out to their Saturn V launch vehicle waiting on pad 39-A. Note how the supposed "ray crater" we see on the lunar surface looks quite different in this version - not appearing as a natural selenologic feature like we see in the first example, but instead being presented as an unnatural-looking construct. (ROTATED)

Here is the full frame version of Apollo archive frame# AP12-KSC-69PC-647, showing the insignia mounted to the inside of the rear door on the Crew Transfer Van. This photo was taken during the crew walkout, just as they were beginning to board the van.

Frame# AP12-KSC-69PC-646

Frame# AP12-KSC-69PC-649 (insignia is partially obscured here)

Frame# ap12-KSC-69PC-663 (insignia is entirely obscured here)


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