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Clementine USGS Color Image with Apollo 11 Landing Site & Moltke Crater

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Clementine USGS Color Image with Apollo 11 Landing Site & Moltke Crater

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:48 pm

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Update - Clementine Mission
#9 & Moon's True Color

What is the Clementine Moon mapping mission about? Is this the first Clementine mission? What is the real story about Clementine and the DoD connection? Some have thought that Clemetine went black (or classified) after launch, but the truth now appears that it was a black project from the beginning. There is word circulating now that more than 100,000 Clementine images will not see the light of day because they have been classified. Perhaps many of these hi-resolution images discovered artifacts, just as I found dozens of articial artifacts and signs of life on Mars using NASA data[1]. Or perhaps UFOs were imaged on or near the Moon that we are not supposed to see. To do so, would require Uncle to admit they have known about UFOs for years. And it seems to date no one in the government is willing to take the flack for hiding it for over 65 years.


Is the true color of the Moon's actual base material yet another lie? Is there any evidence to support this theory? Consider the ancient age of our closest "natural" satellite. With the lower gravity the Moon has at just 1/6 that of Earth, it also acts like an orbiting vacuum cleaner. All the interplanetary rocks, dust and dirt which enters the Moon's gravitational field would ultimately end up on it's surface. Like Earth, our Moon does not have an asteroid belt as some of our outer planets do.

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Another Clementine view of Moltke crater ...

Map-a-Planet Explorer: Moon - Clem-UVVIS Multispectral Mosaic

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Lunar Orbiter image - Google Moon

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