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Apollo 13 "booster-crater"

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Apollo 13 "booster-crater"

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:22 am

On April 14th 1970, the Apollo 13 Saturn IVB third stage rocket booster impacted the moon north of Mare Cognitum.
The impact crater is roughly 30 meters in diameter.

Apollo 13 SIVB Impact

Bang! On April 14th 1970, the Apollo 13 Saturn IVB upper stage impacted the Moon North of Mare Cognitum, at -2.55° latitude, -27.88° East longitude. The impact crater, which is roughly 30 meters in diameter, is clearly visible in LROC NAC image M109420042LE

Image browser -

Mare Cognitum

List of Lunar Maria

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