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Surveyor 3 Hiding in shadow?

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Surveyor 3 Hiding in shadow?

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:14 pm

Image taken from the Lunar Modules position that supposedly shows the Surveyor 3 spacecraft


Well it kinda sorta shows the Surveyor 3 probe Suspect

ISD_highres_AS12_AS12-46-6740 - Astronaut Photography of Earth

4,400px × 4,600px -

Cropped Image

The HR version found on the Gateway To Astronaut Photography site
can be download here -

Suspect Surveyor lll in shadow

"Editor's Note: The deep gloom of the crater in the lower picture is totally inconsistent with the upper photo, In addition, there is lens flare in the color picture which is very unusual as a result of side lighting. Moreover, it is highly unusual to see a perfectly circular lens flare."

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Re: Surveyor 3 Hiding in shadow?

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:58 pm

LunaCognita Enhancements of - AS12-46-6740 & AS12-46-6741

AS12-46-6740-lpi (3,900 x 3,900)

AS12-46-6740 lpi-crop-negative-spike (2,271 × 1,036)

AS12-46-6740 lpi-crop-positive-spike (2,271 × 1,036)

AS12-46-6740 hr-crop-spike1

AS12-46-6740 hr-crop-spike2

AS12-46-6741 hr-alsj-surveyor (2,359 × 2,374)

AS12-46-6741 hr-lpi-surveyor-in-crater-raw-enhanced (2,900 × 2,900)


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