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Cosmic Journey - UFO Disclosure Project

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Cosmic Journey - UFO Disclosure Project

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:05 pm

"I called Gene Cernan (Apollo 17 Astronaut) on 8 Aug. 1991. After confirming what Mr. Kirchgessner had said was correct, Cernan added that the 'Cosmic Journey' project never went any further than the drawing board"

This slim volume takes up where Mr. Good's previous title 'Above Top Secret' leaves off. Mr. Good is an excellent researcher and an even better writer. He builds his case for the reality of UFO's slowly but surely until you, the reader, are thoroughly convinced of their existence. Chapter 10 titled Cosmic Journey was a complete surprised. It chronicles his involvement in something called 'The Cosmic Journey Project'. He was contacted by a Robert Kirchgesser, the Director of a Special Development Group associated with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey International, a huge entertainment corporation ran by Kenneth Feld Productions. Mr. Kirchgesser mentioned that one of his colleagues had been present during the 1989 Mutual UFO Network's symposium and had heard Mr. Good's presentation. He stated "our corporation is doing extensive research on the subject. He wrote "we are involved in preparing an International tour presentation which will include accurate information as well as be entertaining. He wanted to meet with Mr. Good and discuss the UFO cover-up.

This led to meetings at the Pentagon and NASA. Mr. Good's title of 'Official Consultant on UFO Research'. His consecrated involvement with all of this never came to fruitation but is a fascinating inside look at how big business and government work hand-in-hand. All-in-all a very good book and highly recommended.


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