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Spaceship on the Moon - Apollo 17 Image

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Spaceship on the Moon - Apollo 17 Image

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:35 pm

Spaceship on the Moon
Apollo 17 Image
December 12, 1972

Apollo 17 Video Capture
Tsiolkovsky Crater - Farside

The Image above is a screen capture from an Apollo 17 video that was sent to me by one of the group here. I have not seen this around the web circuit (though it may be there are so many sites out there) It is a 4 minute clip... the astronaut talking is giving a narration... but no mention of the object is made... you can hear bits of a second conversation in the background, most likely talking on the other secured channel. Half way through the background speaker make some exclamations of surprise.

Link to the Video is Here

Apollo 17 Video Capture

This is a close up best quality I could create. And here you can see the squarish "c" shape, the spheres and the connecting lines... Looking at the video it is clear that the Astronauts are focusing on the white object. And if you look at the crater out of focus behind it you will see that the objects is in the sky not on the ground
This image was taken around December 12, 1972

Link -

Apollo 17 Lunar Farside

I don't know if that's a spaceship or not .. mrgreen .... but, what's up with the green color ? umm

The following 2 images are frame stacking enhancements produced by LunaCognita and gives us a clearer view of the surface


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