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The Face on Europa...

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The Face on Europa... Empty The Face on Europa...

Post  Bob-C on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:27 am

Hi everyone, my  processed image of Jupiter's moon Europa was obtained from the original NASA Full-Res TIFF source image courtesy of NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Colorado. Here is the link for the  NASA Photojournal catalog page entitled, "PIA03878: Ruddy "Freckles" on Europa" which contains both the link for the Full-Res TIFF and the Full-Res JPEG versions of the Europa image.

Here is the Full-Res JPEG Europa image depicting the potential face that I discovered which I outlined in a red circle.

The Face on Europa... Europa-freckles-full-source-PIA038781_tiff-8-7-13-V10

The face which may be a potential face/statue/monument is lying on the side and is embedded in a pentagonal enclosure. Both the three-dimensional face/statue/monument and its pentagonal enclosure stand out anomalously against the rectilinear ice ridges and the rest of the objects in the image.

Here is the same image as above rotated 90o counterclockwise depicting the face/statue/monument
in a vertical position facing upwards toward space:

The Face on Europa... Europa-freckles-full-source-cc-PIA038781_tiff-8-7-13-V11

The face/statue/monument anomaly is very large since NASA states in the above catalog page that,
Reddish spots and shallow pits pepper the enigmatic ridged surface of Europa in this view combining information from images taken by NASA's Galileo spacecraft during two different orbits around Jupiter.The spots and pits visible in this region of Europa's northern hemisphere are each about 10 kilometers (6 miles) across [emphasis added].The dark spots are called "lenticulae," the Latin term for freckles. Their similar sizes and spacing suggest that Europa's icy shell may be churning away like a lava lamp, with warmer ice moving upward from the bottom of the ice shell while colder ice near the surface sinks downward. Other evidence has shown that Europa likely has a deep melted ocean under its icy shell. Ruddy ice erupting onto the surface to form the lenticulae may hold clues to the composition of the ocean and to whether it could support life.

Here is my color cropped processed image of the face/statue/monument:

The Face on Europa... Europa-freckles-PIA038781_tiff-8-7-13-V6

Note, below the face/statue/monument is another highly anomalous structure that consists of a rectangular shape with an inset rectangular hole from which several objects are protruding upward. this structure abuts on its right side against another unusual structure that has a toroidal (doughnut shaped) structure with a ball-shaped top and two tubuler extensions emanating from its lower right side.

Here is my gray-scaled cropped processed image of the face/statue/monument:

The Face on Europa... Europa-freckles-PIA038781_tiff-8-7-13-V9

The face/statue/monument on Europa was possibly constructed by advanced spacefarers many millions of years ago as a possible indication to other spacefarers that they had traveled across Europa and other parts of our solar system. The face/statue/monument may have also been created to celebrate some important being who may have been instrumental in colonizng Jupiter's moons and potentially other planetary bodies in our solar system.

Cheers, Very Happy



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The Face on Europa... Empty Re: The Face on Europa...

Post  easynow on Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:53 pm

Hey Bob that indeed looks strange.

I'm not sure what that really is, but thanks for posting and sharing with everyone Cool 

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