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» This forum will be closing
by easynow Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:09 pm

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This forum will be closing

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This forum will be closing Empty This forum will be closing

Post  easynow on Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:09 pm

Hey everyone,

I've decided to retire from posting so this forum will be closing down soon.

The forum is dead, nobody is joining or posting and it's costing me money every month to keep the ads (advertisements) turned off ... and there's a smear campaign against me run amuck so it's no longer enjoyable and don't see any point in doing this anymore.

All the research and stuff I posted over the years, here and on youtube and my blog etc. ... was all done in an effort to raise awareness of the UFO reality.

I had a UFO close encounter experience back in the early eighties which changed my life forever and is the main reason I got involved with UFO research. I have learned a lot about the ufo-subject over the years and believe I know enough now to satisfy my own personal conclusions.

In other words, I found the answers I was looking for, so no need to continue.

Thank You to all who did support me over the years, it was very much appreciated!

I'll leave the forum up for a while in case somebody wants to copy their postings.

Goodbye and take care Smile

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