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AS16-121-19438 Empty AS16-121-19438

Post  Admin on Sun May 22, 2011 4:57 pm

AS16-121-19438 (April 1972) --- An oblique view of a portion of the lunar nearside as photographed from the Apollo 16 spacecraft in lunar orbit, looking across the Sea of Crises southwesterly into the Sea of Tranquility. The conspicuous, bright-rayed crater is Proclus. The crater Taruntius in the northeasterly portion of the Sea of Fertility is near the left center edge. A portion of the Sea of Serenity is visible on the horizon at upper right.

The sky over the horizon in this Apollo 16 image is 100 % fake

the original image data in the sky region has been replaced with a total black out

"Human Space Flight" image
AS16-121-19438 63bac6ec6d1ecad7d617ebe


LunaCognita enhancement

direct link -

"Gateway to Astronaut Photography" image

AS16-121-19438 89abbb154f14b2b6b4a467f
4400 x 4600 -

these enhancements reveal the sky is fake in that image as well
click on links or images to view full size

direct link -

direct link -

direct link -

Credit to LunaCognita for the enhancement work


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