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AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies

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AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies  Empty AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:10 pm

"UFO found on Apollo photo" AS10-31-4587

AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies  As10314587

link -

Image enhancements by LunaCognita appear to reveal blatant straight-line cropping residue in addition to the 'UFO'

1 - Un-marked enhancement
AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies  As10314587mc2middetail

link -

2 - Marked enhancement
AS10-31-4587 - Image Anomalies  As10314587mc2middetailr

link -

A composited image ? sherlock


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