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Russian Jets Chase UFO over Moscow - March 21, 1990

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Russian Jets Chase UFO over Moscow - March 21, 1990

Post  easynow on Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:51 pm


Statement by General Igor Maltsev, Chief of Air Defense Forces,
concerning the incident on the Pereslavi-Zalesskiy Region on the
night of March 21, 1990.

Link -
Link -

I'd love to see the gun camera footage Exclamation

Science Advisor Briefing:

Other governments have taken a more open attitude toward the subject and some have set up official investigating groups. (TAB J) The recent (1989-1990) sighting flap in Russia and Belgium involved military Russian and Belgian jet "chases" of UFOS.

General Igor Maltsev, in charge of the Air Defense of the Moscow Area, reported publicly that he had "more than 100 visual observations" compiled by military commanders concerning a UFO that was flying near Moscow and was detected on radar (TAB K).

Later, General Ivan Tretyak, Chief of all the Russian Air Forces, confirmed Maltsev's report and hinted that Soviet developments to counter Stealth might provide further information about UFOS. (TAB L) Gorbachev, during a speech to workers in the Urals in the spring of 1990 said that UFO reports should be studied.

Link -


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