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Apollo 10 flyby of the lunar farside...

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Apollo 10 flyby of the lunar farside...

Post  Bob-C on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:22 pm

Hi everyone, my processed image was obtained from the Apollo 10 source image courtesy of NASA.

Here is the Apollo 10 source image URL:

Here is the source image (formerly numbered AS10-27-3873:

The crew of the eight-day Apollo 10 mission included Lunar Module pilot Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Thomas P. Stafford, and Command Module pilot John W. Young.

According to the NASA press release, the Apollo 10 source image, AS10-27-3873, shows the Apollo 10 Command and Service Modules (CSM) that were "photographed from the Lunar Module (LM) after CSM/LM separation in lunar orbit. The CSM was about 175 statute miles east of Smyth's Sea" and was flying over "rough terrain" on the lunar far side. The eastward oblique view of the lunar surface is centered near 105 degrees east longitude and 1 degree north latitude. The horizon is approximately 600 kilometers (374 statute miles) away."

Note the large crater located in the middle of the left side of the source image above; the crater abuts the left side of the image. That crater has rectilinear polygonal sides that intersect in vertices which particularly stand out on the right side of the crater and appear artificially constructed or modified sides of the original crater.

Here is my cropped processed image that was obtained from the upper-left-hand corner of the of the NASA Apollo 10 original source image of Apollo 10 flying over the lunar far side:

Note the face in the yellow rectangle on the left side of the image, the semicircular structure with rectangular window-like openings in the blue rectangle behind and above the yellow rectangle, the 2 potential faces (not necessarily human looking) in the center red circle, and the satellite-dish-like structure in the yellow rectangle in the upper-right part of the image.

I have previously written that other non-mainstream lunar researchers and I who have image-processed NASA lunar images remain open to the possibility that the moon was a planetary body that was re-engineered by intelligent beings as a possible artificial spacecraft and/or satellite. Those possible beings, who may have come from within or from outside of our solar system, may have transported the moon and possibly its inhabitants across space and moved it into orbit around the Earth. The close circular orbit of the moon around the Earth contributed to the development of life on the Earth. The faces, heads, and monuments depicted in my processed image shown above may have been made by a civilization that was either transported on the moon across space to a final destination in orbit around the Earth or a civilization that was transported to the moon after the moon was moved into orbit around the Earth. That civilization may have made those artifacts to please their gods and/or beings who transported them across space. Many of the monuments appear to have been made very big so that could be seen from far away, possibly from space.

I have image-processed many images of planetary bodies in our solar system including Earth's moon, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, asteroid 430-Eros, Mars, and Mar's moons Phobos, and Deimos among many other planetary bodies and found evidence of possible artifacts on those planetary bodies. IMHO, there have been spacefarers that have visited and colonized our solar system and left behind evidence of their actions and existence. We ae not alone.

Cheers, Smile



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