Panspermia - Life on Earth 'came from space' say scientists

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Panspermia - Life on Earth 'came from space' say scientists

Post  easynow on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:01 am

Did life on Earth originate from space ?

Panspermia is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, comets and planetoids.

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Life on Earth 'came from space' say scientists
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Enceladus, an icy moon of Saturn, shoots water into space

I believe most people interested in this subject have heard about the the "Red Rain" phenomena but it seems some other potential evidence may have been discovered? ...

Alien Life; Titanium Orbs

Professor Wainwright and Wickramasinghe claims that the findings are literally "out of this world" and provide almost certain evidence that life is continually raining down to Earth from space.

The remarkable finding in question is the isolation of an extremely small (30micron) titanium sphere which is full of biology-associated material and is has a fungus like "knitted mat-like" covering.

The sphere was isolated using a balloon-lofted sampler at between 22-27 km. The titanium sphere isolated from the stratosphere with a fungus-like "knitted" cover; the sphere has been moved across the sampling stub to reveal biological material streaming out and a deep impact crater to the right.

Professor Wainwright says "Biologists have never found anything like this on Earth, and what is equally exciting is that the sphere made an impact crater on the sampling stub. This proves beyond doubt that the particle was traveling at speed from space when it was sampled."

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Biology Associated With A Titanium Sphere Isolated From The Stratosphere

A sphere of diameter 30 microns was isolated from the stratosphere at a height of between 22–27 kilo-metres. It was found to be mainly composed of titanium (with smaller amounts of vanadium). Nanomanipulation and EDX analysis showed that the titanium sphere contains a carbonaceous non-granular material which we suggest is a biological protoplast.

Damage to the surface of the sphere revealed a carbonaceous, filamentous material, having a “knitted” appearance”, which we also suggest is biological in nature. The titanium sphere produced a distinct impact crater when it impacted the carbon sampling stub.

We con-clude by suggesting that this largely titanium sphere contains biological elements which impacted the sampling stub at speed as it made the journey from space to the stratosphere.

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Also worth considering is the various NASA Space Shuttle videos, such as the footage from the STS-80 mission which may have captured an object that might be alive or some type of space critter ...

UFO Caught on Camera by NASA-STS-80 mission (the "Sperm Object")

Watcha think ? Are we Earthlings with Alien origins ?

Anyone have comments or more info they'd like to share ?  alien

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