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Light Ship Plasma UFOs

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Light Ship Plasma UFOs

Post  easynow on Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:03 am

Hey there everyone Smile

This thread is for posting UFO cases with objects that are oval or lozenge-shaped or football-shaped or circular disc-shaped that were reported to be self-luminous or have the appearance similar to glowing plasma. These type of objects are sometimes called light-ships or ships-of-light or plasma-ufo's and often described as a very bright light or off-white, yellow or pearl color and intelligently controlled.

The main focus of this topic will be the larger ufo objects reported to be anywhere from 20 to 80 ft. diameter etc. and not the smaller objects described as balls-of-light or ball-lightening etc.

I have been researching this subject for many years and I find this particular topic especially interesting to me because it is the kind of craft that I witnessed and had a close-range encounter.

Here's a simple illustration of the various shapes:

A brief description:

UFOs often appear self-luminous, due to the ionization of the air around certain sections (e.g. saucers often glow at the rim) or the whole UFO, i.e. the air surrounding the UFO "lights-up" much like what happens inside a neon-lamp. This luminous ionization of air around the UFO is generally only visible at night/twilight, typically described as an "aura" or "fuzzy haze" of orange/yellow color, and it is also the cause of the "wavy like heat-haze" appearance of UFOs in daylight.

Link -

And here's a few search links that are relevant to this particular subject:

Oval Shape UFO -

Plasma UFO -

Light Ship UFO -

Apparently "the good" or "exciting" cases associated with these kind of objects have decreased over recent years and I believe these craft were mostly reported between 1940 and 1990's.

Interestingly this type of object was depicted in the 1951 movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still"


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