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The Ilkley Moor UFO-Alien encounter 1987

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The Ilkley Moor UFO-Alien encounter 1987 Empty The Ilkley Moor UFO-Alien encounter 1987

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:53 pm


After four years of being a metropolitan policeman in London, Philip Spencer had left his job and moved with his wife and baby to the West Yorkshire area of Ilkley moor to be closer to her family.

In the 1st of December, 1987 at about a quarter past seven, it was dark and overcast when Spencer said goodbye to his wife. He had decided to walk across the moor heading for his father-in-law's house, in the village of East Morton on the other side of Ilkley moor, and on the way he was hoping to get some photographs of the strange light tricks of the moor. To be able to get the images he desired, he had a high ASA rated film in the camera, to compensate for the poor light in the area.

Along with his camera, Spencer also took a compass to navigate through the fog before sufficient daylight shone through the moor. Spencer had lived in the town on only a few months, and as an experienced walker he knew how quickly mist and rain could move in during winter.

As he climbed up the steep slopes of the moor he decided to not take his normal route he took a shorter route though much arduous. He walked past the White Wells building, a landmark that houses a natural spring on the edge of the moor, then picked up a path that led up a steep slope and past a stand of trees.

As he approached the trees he vaguely heard a humming sound, which he took to be an aircraft that he could not see because of the clouds layer. The crown of the hill had been scooped out at some time in the distant past, and the path dipped here, skirting the lip of a huge hollow. Suddenly something moving caught his eye. Turning, he saw a small green creature, no more than four feet tall, at a distance of about 30 feet or more. It moved quickly away into the hollow, when it was about 40 to 50 feet away, he though "what's that?" and shouted "Hey!" to the being. At this point, the being turned and waved an arm dismissively at him, Spencer remembered he had a camera and took one shot.

The Ilkley Moor UFO-Alien encounter 1987 Ilkley10

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Ilkley Moor

The Ilkley Moor UFO-Alien encounter 1987 Moore110

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Ilkley Moor is part of Rombalds Moor, the moorland between Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. The peat bogs rise to 402 m (1,319 ft) above sea level. It is famous as the inspiration for the Yorkshire "county anthem" On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at.

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